The new EMA board has met for the first time

Clara Gruitrooy 
Dr. Abdelmajid Layadi
Detlev Woesten
Heike Fölster

🌐 A few days ago, the first meeting of the new EMA Executive Board set the course of our organization for the future. Taking place in a hybrid format, the new board developed new visions, identified concrete objectives, and pledged to work together in promoting the interests of our members. Topics like #PowertoX#GreenEconomy#Startups#Education#WomenEmpowerment, and #Sustainability were in the focus of the discussion. They also addressed the strengthening of our relations with the new German Bundestag and its commitment towards the MENA region as well as the expansion of our strategic partnerships for enhanced Euro-Mediterranean cooperation. 🤝

#EMAeV #NewBoard #FutureinMaking