Code of Conduct

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“Education is the foundation of all economic and social development. I am happy to be able to bring my experience in this field to the work of the EMA”

Prof. Dr. Harald Hungenberg
Dean of Programs, ESMT Berlin

The EMA is a politically, ideologically, and denominationally independent organization. Because it relies on communication, networking, and understanding between its partners in the EMA-Region, interpersonal integrity, tolerance and respect are fundamental to us. Therefore we kindly invite our speakers and guests in online and offline interactions to respect our vision and to support our mission by following this code of conduct.

Core Values of EMA 
  • Honesty, integrity, and ethics in all aspects 
  • Respect for every individual
  • Equality and tolerance
  • Diversity of opinions and culture
  • Individual opportunity and responsibility
  • Open communication and mutual exchange
  • Independency and reliability
  • Create socially and environmentally sustainable structures
Equal Employment Opportunity & Freedom from Harassment 

The EMA is committed to equal opportunity, unbiased treatment of all individuals based on qualifications and without regard to gender, age, national origin, religion, creed, marital status, or any other basis not prohibited by law. This non-governmental organization is also committed to offering its employees and partners continuous development, individual recognition, open communication, and effective feedback. The association’s policy is to provide a work environment that is free from intimidation or harassment. Such harassment by co-workers, supervisors, or outsiders is prohibited. Harassment includes behavior, whether in person or by other channels, such as by email or social media, remarks of sexual nature, sexist or racist comments, religious slurs, or ethnic jokes.

  • Respect individual differences and opinions and preventing all forms of discrimination 
  • Show respect for the opinions of others to enhance the common goal and improve the overall outcome 
  • Seek to provide the finest and most productive work environment 
  • Maximize individual potential and creativity, foster collaboration and teamwork.
  • Provide effective support to others and encourage teamwork and expert networks in which everyone can share knowledge and experience
  • Express ideas and concerns clearly and honestly in a timely and responsible manner and contribute constructive criticism to make a relationship with any third parties more efficient
  • Stay politically correct and diplomatic 
  • The use of positive emoticons are very well received inside EMA and can help convey feelings, like humor – especially during translation this may avoid exasperation, exhaustion, and confusion

The EMA appreciates references on social media compliant with our Code of Conduct and with no lucrative objectives.

Please avoid…
  • Being racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, intolerant – any type of discrimination will not be tolerated by the EMA
  • Using profanity
  • Being rude or offensive. No matter which communication channel is used, please be cordial and respectful to everyone. 
  • Passing on other people’s information. No one is allowed to pass on a person’s information without the approval of the individual or the EMA. 
  • The use of only capitals when writing, as its connotation implies yelling
  • Changing someone else’s words. What a person writes belongs to them. Do not change someone’s content to be spiteful, harmful, or hurtful. If used, please quote and indicate the origin. 
  • Using the EMA logo in your PR activities without permission
  • Modifying the PR contents created by the EMA and sharing them, without permission
  • Spreading private chats nor conversations. The conversation you have with someone is private and should remain private unless they say it is ok to pass the conversation to others.
  • Sending chain letters, inappropriate links nor spam. However, if you send someone an unwanted letter and they respond with a ‘please do not send, then respect that wishes and do not send any more.
  • Continuously sending chat messages to someone who does not reply. Be respectful- if someone does not reply on chat, then they are probably busy.
  • Sending out an email to everyone (ex: co-workers and managers) and do not click Reply to All if only one person needs to be the recipient. This is especially true if the other people are not involved with the subject matter. This will only displease fellow associates as they probably receive more emails than they want daily.

Be responsible and respectful. Every user is accountable for his actions as well as for what he/she writes.

All comments that conflict with our code of conduct, or coming from suspected fake profiles will be deleted immediately!