The EMA is the editor of numerous publications with which it promotes and strengthens economic cooperation and international understanding in the EMA region. These publications provide competent and expert information on countries, industries and trend-setting topics.

The business magazine for the Mediterranean and Middle East region

The business magazine Mediterranes reports on essential economic topics as well as on encounters and exchanges between Germany, Europe and the countries of the Mediterranean and Middle East region. Energy, water, environment, logistics, infrastructure, health and agriculture are just a few of the trend-setting topics in the in-depth analyzes and practical reporting. The readership includes companies and embassies as well as parliaments, ministries, authorities, associations and universities.

In line with the EMA ethics, the Mediterranean offers space for a respectful dialogue between cultures and the promotion of mutual understanding, especially by giving authors from Arab countries a voice. The aim is to draw attention to economic, political and social challenges in the EMA region , to highlight achievements and best practice examples and to emphasize the connecting elements of people, markets and institutions with and in the countries of the EMA region.

The EMA country profiles are dedicated to the political framework, economic development, legal structures and science and culture of the respective countries. Practical tips for business initiation and further contacts in the analyzed countries round off the country profiles. In doing so, they also specifically take into account aspects in which medium-sized companies are interested.

The well-researched country profiles are drawn from a variety of relevant sources and are subject to strict quality checks. They deal with the examined countries not only in a descriptive way, but also critically and assessively, by examining the strengths and opportunities as well as the weaknesses and risks of the countries as investment locations as well as business involvement.

On request, EMA offers you market studies and well-founded market research tailored to your specific needs. These include, for example, competitor and stakeholder analyses, facts and figures on current developments in a sector or product, market entry strategies and business opportunities, intercultural business practices and habits, or we can answer your specific questions – for example, about a suitable investment location.