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“Education is the foundation of all economic and social development. I am happy to be able to bring my experience in this field to the work of the EMA”

Prof. Dr. Harald Hungenberg
Dean of Programs, ESMT Berlin

Who we are?

The EMA is a regional association for German businesspeople and entrepreneurs engaged in fostering cooperation and international understanding between Germany, Europe, and the Mediterranean and Middle East region. It connects economic, political, and academic decision makers and multipliers from a variety of countries and sectors. This makes the EMA an excellent platform for mutual exchange that has proven to be an independent and reliable interlocutor for the region.

EMA members benefit from special services: The exploration of the Mediterranean and Arab markets for German foreign trade is a solid rock in the broad range of EMA services. The EMA presents business opportunities to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), fosters the creation of sustainable partnerships, and advises member companies on initiating and implementing their plans. In addition, the EMA offers regional and country-specific forums, implements its own projects, and releases expert publications and market studies.

The EMA is committed to creating socially and environmentally sustainable structures and perspectives. Together with its partners, the EMA stands for corporate social responsibility (CSR), the advancement of women, and economic development cooperation.

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Our ethics

The EMA is a politically, ideologically and denominationally independent organization. It relies on communication, networking and understanding between its members and between and with their partners in Germany, Europe and the Mediterranean and Middle East region (EMA region).

In an increasingly globalized world, economic cooperation always implies the need for intercultural competence between trading partners. The EMA regards cultural diversity and the constant growing together of cultural areas as mutual enrichment.

Future generations should have the opportunity to seize their chances on the global market and to realize their visions. The EMA therefore sees sustainability, high-quality environmental standards and social capital as binding factors. Good governance and corporate governance, equality and further sensitization to the idea of ​​tolerance promote cooperation and open dialogue on an equal footing and take into account and value the diversity of opinions.