Christian Wulff

Dear Sir or Madam,

Promoting the dialogue between cultures, including believers in different religions, is an important task for the future. As a leading industrial nation with a diverse society, Germany can offer its experience. Our constitution guarantees that no one in our country may be disadvantaged, regardless of where they come from, what they believe in, what political views they have, whether they are disabled or what gender they are. We can set an example of how different people live together and show that people from all over the world are welcome in our country. This is also essential for economic reasons.
In Germany, we depend on foreign specialists and international investors. At the same time, German foreign trade, for example in the Arab region, can assume a special share of responsibility. In today’s times in particular, it can act as a stabilizing element in a region characterized by upheaval through diverse contacts and relationships. The political upheavals in the EMA region are closely causally related to economic issues. The pursuit of political and economic participation is universal. Cooperation on equal terms and sustainable economic development in future-oriented sectors are required and are part of the EMA portfolio, such as the promotion of women, young talent and intensive dialogue with governments and civil society.
After centuries of armed conflicts, Europe has learned to live peacefully with one another and is growing together into a unity. Our southern neighbors, Turkey, the Middle East and the Arab Gulf States also form a coherent, albeit much more heterogeneous, area that offers great potential for cooperation with German and European businesses.
With a focus on small and medium-sized companies, the implementation of specific development and private-sector projects, and the close integration of science and culture, the EMA is a dynamic player in German-Arab cooperation. At the same time, respect for human rights, the promotion of transparent and democratic structures and compliance with standards such as CSR form the appropriate framework for long-term success.
With the EMA you have a network by your side. With this in mind, as Honorary President of the EMA, I am looking forward to continuing the dialogue with the Mediterranean and Middle East regions!

Your Christian Wulff