Successful Moroccan Delegation Visit to Germany

EMA and IHK zu Schwerin’s delegation trip successfully concluded after two eventful days in Berlin, followed by a tailored program in Schwerin and Hamburg for the Moroccan delegation

The Schwerin program was productive as the delegates met with Mathias Schmidt, the IHK’s continuing education consultant, to learn about the IHK organization and the dual training system. They also had an engaging exchange with Judit Joachim, Network Manager of the Food Academy e.V. The delegation also visited the Schweriner Aus- und Weiterbildungszentrum (SAZ) and the Volkshochschule (VHS) Schwerin, where they learned about the VHS system in Germany. Additionally, they visited the Mecklenburger Ernte GmbH.

In Hamburg the delegates were given a guided tour of the University of Hamburg, Asia-Africa Institute, and Library by Dr. Mohammed Khalifa, followed by a roundtable. They also enjoyed a historical guided tour of the Chamber of Commerce with Martina Nützmann. The delegation was then welcomed at the headquarters of FRoSTA AG where Natali Ratsch-Heitmann, HR Director, gave a presentation to the delegation, and they participated in a roundtable discussion about purchasing and raw material procurement.
Overall, the delegation was very successful, the delegates gained valuable insights and experiences from their visits to Schwerin and Hamburg