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Mediterranes combines economy and culture, science and practice. We believe in unity through diversity, and our focus lies in cooperation and exchange between Germany, the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Mediterranes‘ authors, from both Germany and the EMA region, provide you with the latest in-depth insights into developments in politics, business, society and culture.

Mediterranes and its authors are committed to the promotion of respect and tolerance, the deepening of a socio-cultural understanding and the dissemination of democratic and humanitarian beliefs in the EMA region.

Our readership is as diverse as our content. It consists of EMA members, representatives from politics and diplomacy, experts from business and science, and a broad, open-minded public.

Mediterranes gives you more than just news; it offers a comprehensive selection of articles and interviews on a specific subject area. With a variety of perspectives, it is guaranteed to give you a holistic understanding of each issue’s theme.


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