Salon diplomatique Egypt

The Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the EuroMediterraneanArab Association EMA cordially invite you personally to this exclusive event:

Salon Diplomatique Egypt
Time: October 28, 2021 at 12.30 o’clock (admission from 12.15 o’clock)
Place: Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Stauffenbergstr. 67, 10785 Berlin
Conference language: English

Germany is one of the top 5 supplier countries for Egypt. German companies mainly export machines, chemical products, motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts, as well as electric and electronic technology to Egypt. The value of German exports to Egypt in 2020 was around 4.015 billion euros and thus at a tenpercent increase compared to the previous year despite the Covid19 pandemic. Imports of 1.05 billion euros (2020) are also at a consistently high level. In particular, Germany sources oil, textiles, clothing, and food from Egypt. Egypt continues to be one of Germany’s most important Arab foreign trade partners ranking third in both exports and imports in 2020.

The EMA has long been committed to the linking of foreign trade and diplomacy as the assessment of investment security and geopolitical framework conditions are indispensable for successful private sector cooperation. This Salon Diplomatique aims to encourage the exchange between private sector companies and the Egyptian embassy in Germany and provides firsthand information on doing business in Egypt.