Tunisia Post Covid-19: Invest in IT

  • January 19, 1970
  • von 13 bis 14:30 Uhr
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With their comprehensive experience in the Tunisian market, FIPA, TIA, and the EMA share numerous goals. First and foremost stands the facilitation of market access for foreign investors, which is promoted by all three organizations.

One of the fastest growing and most stable sectors is the digital and IT economy. It accounts for 7.5 percent of GDP and provides jobs to 80,000 people in roughly 1,800 companies, more than 500 of which are considered to be in promising sectors such as AI, IoT, Blockchain, Big Data, and FinTech. Its good education system is an asset for Tunisia: 60,000 students graduate from Tunisian universities every year, among them roughly 9,000 in IT related majors and 6,000 engineers. Their wages are competitive and the broadband infrastructure in Tunisia counts among the most modern in the Mediterranean region with high-speed Internet and an international connectivity rate of 810 Gb/s. Tunis ranks as seventh-best city worldwide to found a start-up.

Tunisia’s government has devised its national strategy Tunisie Digitale 2018/2020 to support investments by private-sector enterprises and to advance digital transformation throughout the country. It promotes Tunisia as an IT hub for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East offering a diversified and cross-sector investment incentive system.

The online roundtable will shed light on Tunisia’s IT sector and its contribution to mitigating the Covid-19 pandemic. How did Tunisia succeed in making use of IT as a remedy? The online roundtable will also highlight investment opportunities in the Tunisian IT economy.

Opening and Words of Welcome
Clara Gruitrooy, Secretary General, EMA e.V.

Tunisia’s Fight against the Covid-19 Pandemic and the Current Situation
H.E. Ahmed Chafra, Ambassador of the Tunisian Republic to Germany

Invest in Tunisia: The Next Opportunity
Beligh Ben Soltane, Chairman, Tunisia Investment Authority TIA

Tunisia: Your IT Destination
Abdelbasset Ghanmi, General Manager, Foreign Investment Promotion Agency FIPA

Tunisia, a Start-up Destination
Amel Saidane, President, Tunisian Startups Association

The German-Tunisian Partnership in the IT Sector
Norman Schräpel, Program Director Digital Transformation, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ Tunisia)

Why Tunisia? A Success Story Telling
Joscha Raue, Co-Founder & CGO, Think IT

Arsela, a Tunisian Success Story
Ynes Hafi, co-founder & COO, Arsela

Questions & Answers
Moderation: Clara Gruitrooy, Secretary General, EMA e.V.

Closing of the Webinar
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