Tunisian-German Partnership

“The Tunisian-German partnership is yet to realize its full potential, there are still many untapped opportunities to reach a win-win situation for both sides”- stated the Ambassador of Germany to Tunisia Mr. ü, in a conference organized by the EMA in cooperation with its local partners Confédération des Entreprises Citoyennes de Tunisie (CONECT) & ATFI Association Tunisienne Femme Ingénieures within the framework on the PartnerAfrika program, that focused on the Promotion of a Good Economic Cooperation between Tunisia and Germany. Have a glimpse of the whole day in the video.

The conference was organized in the context of a German Delegation, also organized by the EMA, and headed by the member of the German Parliament, . , who strongly spoke about Tunisia’s potential, especially for its quality of higher education and skilled workforce.

We are grateful for the participation of our speakers who combined expertise and openness to exchange their experiences namely Tarak Chérif (CONECT) | Nadia SOUISSI (ATFI) | Zied Lahbib (FIPA-Tunisia) | Amor Bouzouada (APII) | Jörn Bousselmi (German-Tunisian Chamber of Industry and Commerce) | Clara Gruitrooy (EMA).

The conference was once again an opportunity to provide training to around 80 conference attendees in three parallel workshops on subjects such as Female Leadership in IT and STEM, Digital Transformation and Innovation Trends as well as Sustainable Supply Chains. Sincerest thanks to our trainers said Ben Sedrine & Mongi Amami (FES MENA) | Lamloum Nadia CSM, Agile Coach (ATFI) | Moez Touil & Mohamed Hamdi (INTEQUIA) | Tanja-Susanne Schleifer | Bettina Uhlich.

After the conference, the German delegates had the chance to go on an onsite visit to the first Tunisian Innovation Hub, The Dot led by Zeineb Messaoud to meet with youth-led innovative Startups hosted at the Center and also it was the occasion to get acquainted with the potential for German involvement in the Tunisian Innovation and Digital Transformation landscape delivered by Henrik Wichmann and Christina Wolson (b. Gossmann).