Training Seminar

Initial Business Contact with the Arab World: Training for professionals and executives

Our increasingly intercultural business world opens up a wide range of opportunities, but also confronts us with new challenges. Thus intercultural empathy and knowledge become important competitive factors.
The appropriate business interaction with business partners from the Arab world and the optimal adaptation to the living and working conditions allow a successful expansion of your economic activities in the EMA region. The seminars are therefore ideal for companies planning to launch their businesses in the Arab world, or to optimize and intensify their existing business relationships.
The focus of the seminars is on:

  • The socio-political and economic realities of the target region or the target country,
  • Communication and negotiation practices of Arab business partners,
  • Personnel management of Arab companies and
  • Practical tips for initiating business.

Get informed about the social, economic and legal framework conditions in the Arab world and bring Arab business culture closer to you.
You can find more detailed information about the upcoming seminars in the program preview.

For each Arab country or region (Maghreb, Gulf States), we have put together a specific program that prepares you and your staff for doing business in the Arab world.
We are also happy to meet your specific needs, such as in-house training, which we tailor to your individual requirements. If you are interested in our offer, please contact Mr. Jens Kutscher at
Leading our training seminars are:

Dr. Abdelmajid Layadi grew up in Morocco and began his academic education in Rabat at the University of Mohammed V, which he continued in 1996 at the Hamburg University of Economics and Politics with a focus on International Relations, Development Policy and Management. In 2008 he obtained his PhD from the University of Hamburg. His doctoral thesis is published under the title The interarabic economic integration – the relevance of the South-South cooperation against the background of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership, in Nomos, a renowned journal in the social and economic sciences. As the Secretary General of the EMA, Dr. Layadi knows the Mediterranean and Middle East region first hand.

Dr. Jürgen Holz has been active in the Arab world (Gulf States) for 30 years and is fluent in written and spoken Arabic. He is owner and founder of Dr. jur. Holz Beratungsgesellschaft mbH, which consults German and foreign companies in the construction of business infrastructures in the region. In addition, his services include business-related intercultural mediation as well as the appropriate negotiation techniques. Dr. Jürgen Holz is a member of the EMA Advisory Board.

Mrs Beatrice Hunt is the founder and CEO of BE Consultants International, certified intercultural trainer and coach. Her twelve-years of experience Turkey, Kuwait, Korea and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia enable her to pass on the practical business experience directly to her customers. Together with its business partners, BE Consultants International advises companies on their business in the Gulf region.

Dr. Sylvia Ortlieb is Owner of Munich-based company consultancy Orient-Occident. As an expert for the Arab region and an acknowledged trainer and coach for intercultural competence, Dr Ortlieb supports companies and institutions in entering the market and establishing successful business networks in the Middle East. She is also the author of the best-selling Business-Knigge für den Orient.