Besides the network and the regional expertise EMA now offers you fast and high-quality translations and interpreter services. For your professional and reliable translations, the EMA experts will be at your service. We will provide you with an offer customized to your needs.

For the four languages Arabic – German – English – French EMA provides you now with:

  • Fast and high-quality translations for:
    • marketing materials, flyers, brochures, image videos, localization of websites, intragroup information and communication
    • manuals, engineering drawings, technical documentation, etc.
  • Certified translations of official documents for government offices and other authorities:
    • Contracts, export documents, like certificates of origin, commercial invoices, certificates, etc.
    • Birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, passports, driver’s license, court documents, etc.
  • Interpreter services:
    • e.g. personal support with authorities
  • Revision of translations and texts

For more information or an individual offer please contact:

Christina Leisinger
Professional translator
Tel: +49 (0) 30 25 35 92 72

Our Principles

Native Speakers

We will always make sure, your translation will be produced by a native speaker of the target language, so you can be sure, that you receive natural texts.

Double Check

In order to provide you with high-quality translations without any mistakes at least two people will proofread your translation before the delivery.

Qualified & Certified Experts

Only qualified and certified translators and interpreters can become part of our network, through this we make sure, we can deliver you our first-class products on time.

Negative Balance Protection