German-Tunisian cooperation on cross-sectoral digitalization in Tunisia

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VOICE Bundesverband

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Our project « Partner Afrika » was launched in January 2021 in the digitalization field in Tunisia. This project aims to bring together Club DSI, Voice e.V., and EMA to achieve a sustainable digitalization of Tunisian companies and public administration. The main objectives are to improve the cooperation with and support SMEs, to implement professional training actions in the field of digitalization, and to better represent the interests of IT decision-makers. The next three years will give us the opportunity to establish this project which will support the development of Tunisia and establish lasting ties between Germany and Tunisia.

The objective of the project is capacity building to foster the framework conditions for the sustainable implementation of digitization in Tunisian businesses and public administration. This will be made possible in particular through cooperation with companies and training in the field of digitalization.

This project aims to improve the internal organization of the association. This will result in the proposal of an association strategy, including a sustainable financing concept and a gender component; the implementation of activities aimed at improving the organization and management of the association and increasing the number of members. Another goal of the project is to expand the range of services of the association in a sustainable way, this will be done in particular through the creation of new services rendered and the establishment of partnership activities with the academic world and businesses. Finally, the project aims to better represent the interests of digital decision-makers. This will be based in particular on the submission to the government of proposals concerning the legal and regulatory framework for information technology as well as the establishment of a mechanism for surveying members’ concerns.