The EMA’s successful participation at the BWAW

“Gender equality is not just a moral imperative, it is an economic necessity”, mentioned Clara Gruitrooy, the Secretary General of the EMA at the third edition of Barcelona Women Acceleration Week (BWAW) last Friday.

In the BINTERNATIONAL session titled “Women Entrepreneurs in vulnerable countries”, Mrs. Gruitrooy focused on feminist foreign policy, and Germanys strategy to promote gender sensitive and transformative action in the Mena region. She highlighted the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs, the importance of mentors and supporters, and the need for men to take responsibility in promoting gender equality.

Alongside Clara Gruitrooy, the dynamic panel consisted of Maria Helena de Felipe Lehtonen, Carmen Geha, Hend Mgaieth and Dania Saliba Rodríguez. The discussion focused on empowering women entrepreneurs in vulnerable states, also highlighting the need for access to financing and connections. The panel further discussed tailored solutions for the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs, the role of universities and governments, and the importance of digitalization in empowering women-led businesses.

Check out the full video of the panel discussion here: