The 1st Hamburg Water Forum for the EMA Region

  • March 11, 2010
  • Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

Environmental protection and water management: Sustainable cooperation and know-how transfer in the EMA region

One of the central challenges of our time is the availability of the resource water. Especially the countries of the EMA region are facing great problems due to the shortage of high-quality drinking water. The right to clean drinking water is demanded not least by the United Nations and is a central component of the Millennium Development Goals.

With their expertise, German institutions and companies can offer important impulses and innovative solutions.

Innovations at the Water Forum for the EMA Region:

Last December, Federal Minister of Economics Rainer Brüderle assumed patronage of the Water Forum.

Due to the great demand, the Water Forum has been extended to the entire EMA region. In addition to the former host countries Syria, Jordan and Morocco, water experts from Iraq, Yemen, Egypt and Dubai, among others, will be welcomed in Hamburg.

The cooperation between Germany and the individual EMA countries has so far been mainly bilateral. There was no multilateral water forum for the EMA region. Due to this acute need for action, the Water Forum for the EMA region will be the first time that experts from science, industry and politics will present essential aspects of water issues and discuss them with an interested audience:

Main topics of the Water Forum

Socio-cultural foundations of water law; regional water distribution conflicts

Integrated water resources management

Public Private Partnership

Innovative water management

Water treatment

Wastewater disposal

Host countries


In particular, the three host countries Morocco, Syria and Jordan will be discussed:


The past rainy winter must not obscure the country’s water shortage. Besides agriculture, the main consumer of water, consumption is also increasing due to the booming tourism industry. In addition, deforestation endangers sustainable water production and polluted water reservoirs endanger the health, especially of the rural population.

→ current project tenders and investments:

In the next few years, Morocco will invest around €1.5 billion in improving drinking water supplies and in wastewater treatment. The construction of 20 new dams is also planned by 2020.


Overexploitation of the resource water has already made acute consequences of scarcity visible in Syria as well. In particular, inefficient purification and the discharge of polluted wastewater into existing waters pose a threat to the supply of drinking water and also to agricultural production. Experts therefore call for an integrated approach to water resource management and the development of investment projects.

→ current project tenders and investments:

Syria is dependent on the cooperation of foreign investors for both water treatment and infrastructure improvements. Projects such as the modernization of water pipes, as supported in Aleppo by KfW Entwicklungsbank (KfW development bank) to the tune of € 50 million, offer good investment opportunities, also for the German economy.


The country, 80% desert, has only limited capacity for agricultural use of its land. Nevertheless, enormous amounts of water are used for irrigation agriculture, which leads to an overuse of the already scarce groundwater resources. In addition, water management is characterized by inefficient infrastructures and inadequate wastewater disposal. The resulting rationing of water, in turn, poses health risks, for example, through the contamination of pipes or the use of uncontrolled water from private traders.

→ current project tenders and investments:

In addition to projects in the areas of water supply and sewage disposal, Jordan will continue to pursue the mega-project of the “Red Sea – Dead Sea” canal in 2010, which is intended to transport water from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea 350 kilometers away.

All host countries are facing similar challenges that need to be highlighted in order to create sustainable, unified approaches. The know-how of German companies and utilities can be brought to bear particularly advantageously in a large number of projects in the EMA region. So far, this has only been done insufficiently. EMA and its cooperation partners see this as their main task.

09.00 a.m.   Reception
10.00 a.m.   Opening

Opening Speeches

  • Dr. Karl-Joachim Dreyer (Vice-President of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce)
  • Prof. Dr. Horst H. Siedentopf (EMA-President, Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Morocco, Hamburg)


  • State Secretary Christian Maaß (Board for City Development and Environment, Hamburg)
  • H.E. A. Nabi Mussayab (Ambassador of the Arab League, Berlin)
  • H.E. Dr. Mahmoud Abu-Zeid (President of the Arab Water Council, Arab Republic of Egypt)

Moderator: Senator (ret.) Peter Rehaag (Lawyer, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Yemen, Hamburg)

11.00 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.  Panels 1 & 2

Panel 1: Socio-Cultural Foundations of the Right for Water; Regional Conflicts for Water

  • H.E. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Al-Eryani (Ambassador, Republic of Yemen): „Challenges for Water Management in the Arab Mashreq region”
  • H.E. Dr. Hassan Hani Al-Janabi (Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Iraq at the United Nations, Department of Agriculture and Food, Rome): “International Cooperation in the Tigris-Euphrates river area.”
  • Dr. Martin Jungius (Foreign Office, Department for Environment and Biological Questions): „Water – Resource of Conflict or Source for Peace?“
  • Dr. Annabelle Houdret (Adelphi Consult, Berlin): “Domestic Conflicts on Water in the EMA-Region”

Moderator: Taoufik Ben Amara (UN-Botschafter a.D., Hamburg)

Panel 2: Integrated Water-Resource-Management (IWRM)

  • Muder Khalaf Abusnuber (Head of Section, Water Basins Affairs, WAJ/ Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan): “Integrated Water Resource Management”
  • Shawki Barghouti (International Center for Biosaline Agriculture, Dubai, V.A.E.): „Managing the Scarcity of Water in the Middle East”
  • Dr. Norbert Müller Blanke (TIA – Technologies for Industrial Grey Water Conditioning GmbH, Breitenfelde): „The Management of Industrial Grey Water in Kuwait and Syria“
  • Prof. Dr. Ing. Ralf Otterpohl (Technical University Hamburg-Harburg): „Water Efficiency and Multiple Use-examples for the Arab Peninsula“
  • Franz Huber (Cartography Huber, Munich): “Lis Aqua: Water Management for the EMA-Region”

Moderator: Birgit Tesic-Kurth (German-Jordanian Society, Hannover)

12.30 p.m. – 13.30 p.m.   Lunch / B2B-Talks

In a very successful event, the Water Forum 2010 was launched on the 11th of March in the historic ambiance of the Chamber of Commerce in Hamburg. Under the patronage of the Federal Minister for Economy and Technology, Rainer Brüderle, it served as a platform to discuss new ways for an efficient and sustainable use of water in the EMA-Region and to lay the groundwork for future cooperation.

“Clean water is a fundamental right for everyone,” proclaimed Dr. Karl-Joachim Dreyer in his opening speech at the Water Forum, instantly making the link to the special character of Hamburg where water has been instrumental in shaping the historic and economic development as in no other German city. EMA-President, Prof. Dr. Horst H. Siedentopf, underlined this fact in his conclusion that the Water Forum would be “the beginning of a lasting partnership for the development of water and for the welfare of all parties concerned.”

“No Water – No Money – No Life

Guest of honor and president of the Arab Water Council, His Excellency Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Abu-Zeid, pointed out, that the questions concerning the use of water were not only economic but illustrated the vital role of water as a basic resource of life with his statement “No Water – No Money – No Life”.

The Near- and Middle East is the region with the greatest water shortage in the world, where the impact of climate change is causing more than average effects. Thus, the improvement of the management and use of local water resources is a great challenge for the countries of the EMA-region. Against this background, the key topics of the Water Forum were the sustainable use of water, in particular the conditioning of water, the use of grey water and the management of sewers.

Close cooperation as the key to global, sustainable solutions

Economic, scientific, social and political representatives presented their experiences in the framework of six different panels and expressed their views on the possibilities and problems of a sustainable water economy in the EMA-region. The participants discussed technical innovations and the political framework, as well as possibilities of financial investment and aid in the water sector. In this context, the experts stressed the progress which the region has made over the last few years. All of the 250 participants as well as the 10 exhibitors shared the opinion, that the problems of water scarcity and water distribution could only be overcome by close cooperation of all parties concerned seeing as in light of the steady growth of the world´s population, an exchange of knowledge and technology will be decisive. Concerning the question of the implementation of binding rules for the conditioning of water it was concluded that more debates will be necessary. However, the need for a Euro-Mediterranean knowledge transfer – especially in the field of rules for the conditioning of water – was explicitly affirmed.

The close of the conference was held in the solemn city hall of Hamburg, where the participants were greeted by the director of the Senate´s chancellery, Mr. Stefan Helms. In his speech Mr. Helms underlined the importance of the Water Forum for the city and expressed his wish for an ever closer relationship between Hamburg and the countries of the EMA-region. The culmination of the occasion was marked by the signing of a cooperation agreement between the EMA and the Arab Water Council,represented by Prof. Dr. Horst H. Siedentopf and His Excellency Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Abu-Zeid, respectively. Similarly, the breaks and conclusion of the day gave the participants of the event the opportunity to exchange contact details and discuss joint projects.

The following day gave all interested participants the opportunity to visit the largest facility for wastewater treatment in Germany, the Klärwerk Köhlbrandhöft followed by a concluding social gathering in a laid-back atmosphere in the evening.

It is well known that at events the most important talks and meetings take place in the corridors…
The Gallery of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce offers representative locations for the presentation of your company, your institution, your work and your publications at the Water Forum for the EMA region. As you can also see on the site plan, the number of stands is limited – so contact us soon to discuss your exhibition and adapt it to your individual needs!
Site plan as pdf for download

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  • Eröffnungsreden
  • Panel 1: Soziokulturelle Grundlagen des Wasserrechts; Regionale Wasserverteilungskonflikte
  • Panel 2: Integriertes Wasserressourcenmanagement (IWRM)
  • Panel 3: Public-Private-Partnerships
  • Panel 4: Innovatives Wassermanagement
  • Panel 5: Wasseraufbereitung
  • Panel 6: Abwasserentsorgung

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Conference Report
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Conference Brochure 

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