Moroccan delegation to Germany | PartnerAfrika

From July 17 to 22, 2022, a delegation of the Moroccan partners of the ParnerAfrika project visited Germany. The goal of the delegation trip was to get acquainted with the German association and chamber environment and to see landmark projects of the agribusiness industry. The delegation was led by the German Honorary Consul in Tangier, Mr. Zouhair Magour. Other delegation members were representatives of the project partners – CCIS-TTA, FENAGRI, IHK Schwerin, and the EMA.

The partners had the opportunity to meet and visit companies in the food industry in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and to hold talks with numerous representatives of associations, academic institutions, institutions as well as government representatives. During the talks, existing ideas were further developed and additional possibilities for cooperation were planned.

Berlin - Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - Hamburg

Monday, 18.07.2022
Berlin | Schwerin

  • Meeting with The German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (BVMW) e.V.
  • Meeting with Federal Association of the German Food Industry (BVE) e.V.
  • Joint lunch with EMA and association representatives.
  • Welcome Dinner in Schwerin with Managing Director of IHK, Siegbert Eisenach.

Tuesday, 19.07.2022
Schwerin | Wismar

  • Words of Welcome at IHK Schwerin.
    • Matthias Belke, President of IHK Schwerin.
    • Kati Fischer, Head of Division, Foreign Trade and Fairs, State Chancellery of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
  • Job-Shadowing” at IHK Schwerin.
    • Andreas Kraus, Head of Media & Communication.
    • Peter Todt, Deputy General Manager and Head of Training and Education Division.
    • Klaus-Uwe Scheifler, Business Unit Manager Start-ups and Business Support, Innovation and Environment.
    • Annett Reimer and Clarissa Roth, Foreign trade consultants.
  • Visit of StartUpYard Wismar.
  • Exchange with the Robert Schmidt Institute.
  • Guided tour through the Wismar wood cluster.

Wednesday, 20.07.2022
Rostock | Warnemünde

  • Visit of ‘Karl’s adventure village’ – strawberry cultivation and processing
    • Guided tour of the facility by Christoph Bexten, Assistant to the Executive Board.
  • Boat trip with the “Strand-Linie” from Warnemünde to Rostock.
  • Networking dinner in Rostock.
    • Tobias Blömer, Chairman of Agrarmarketing Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V.
    • Mario Rothaupt, Head of the Economics, International, Europe Department; Trade, Services, Tourism, Foreign Trade, Europe Division of the Rostock Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
    • Abdallah Nassour, Professor of Waste and Material Flow Management at the University of Rostock.

Thursday, 21.07.2022
Ludwigslust | Schwerin

  • Visit of Goldschmidt Frischkäse GmbH.
    • Company presentation & tour by Klaus Eisenbarth, Managing Director.
    • Discussion on the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s Milk and Cheese Route.
  • Roundtable at Ludwigslust town hall.
    • Mayor of Ludwigslust Reinhard Mach.
    • Matthias Belke, President of the Schwerin Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
    • Judith Joachim, Head of the Food Academy MV.
    • Henrik Wegner, Economic Development City of Ludwigslust.
  • Meeting with Philipp da Cunha, Member of the state parliament of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the Schwerin Castle.
  • Guided tour of the Schwerin castle and the state parliament.

Friday, 22.07.2022

  • Meeting with TITUS Research GmbH.
    • Presentation of the company’s projects in the field of digitalization of the agricultural economy.
  • Guided harbor tour with a focus on port logistics in the food trade sector.
  • End of the delegation program.

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