Feminin Pluriel Berlin in the EMA Office

„It is not an issue in lack of knowledge but a lack of action, that is why non-action is no longer tolerated “- Elke Ferner, President of UN Women Deutschland at Feminin Pluriel Berlin event titled „Looking Beyond the Future of Gender Equality“ hosted at the EMA’s office and moderated by Clara Gruitrooy, President of Feminin Pluriel Berlin, and Alexandra Humbel Origet, President of Feminin Pluriel Global on March 17th.

The hybrid event was the occasion to have an in-depth discussion about worldwide women’s issues especially the situation of women and girls in Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Turkey as well as Germany where the new Gender Foreign and Development Policy instigated by the German government was welcomed as it highlighted the need for a gender-sensitive and transformative action.

Clara Gruitrooy also highlighted the importance of international cooperation to reach gender equality as she mentioned during the closing of the discussion, „SDG 5 was supposed to be reached by 2030. However, the UN Secretary-General has just pointed out in the CSW67 conference in New York, that we need another 300 years! “