Union for the Mediterranean Conference on Youth Entrepreneurship and the Future of Work in Albania

EMA Secretary General Clara Gruitrooy, participated as an esteemed panelist at the prestigious Union for the Mediterranean Conference on Youth Entrepreneurship and the Future of Work, held in #Tirana#Albania. The event also witnessed the presence of H.E. Delina Ibrahimaj, who emphasized Albania’s commitment to innovative vocational education, and H.E. Dr. Abdelkader EL KHISSASSI who provided valuable insights into the UFM youth strategy, with a special focus on digitalization and work quality

Mrs. Gruitrooy’s insightful contributions highlighted the importance of mentoring as an effective tool for developing leadership skills surrounding the future of work and the role of youth entrepreneurship

The event brought together approximately 50 esteemed experts from across the Mediterranean region, all sharing a common goal of fostering synergies and pushing beyond conventional business norms. The conference delved into crucial topics such as #economicDevelopment#entrepreneurship#youthEntrepreneurship#employment, and the future of #work

Diverse panels during the conference explored topics including national and regional youth support programs, entrepreneurial skills crucial for the future, and inspiring success stories of youth-led entities.

As we continue our mission to support youth entrepreneurship, shape the future of work, and create a better tomorrow, stay tuned for more updates. Together, let’s transcend the ordinary and embrace extraordinary possibilities!

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