Sustainable Construction – Workshops in Amman, Jordan

Sharing knowledge is caring fort he climate: The EMA led a group of experts from the construction industry to Amman, Jordan, where they successfully engaged in workshops to tackle questions of the promotion of sustainable building and green infrastructure.
We need to share our knowledge across sectors and develop ideas to create a sustainable future. Therefore, Jordanian and German architects, urban planners, sustainability experts, small and medium-sized construction companies, as well as representatives of local authorities and municipalities came together to discuss and explore innovative ways of fighting the climate crisis. They were guided through the complex topics by the coaches Eng. Matthias Pfeifer, Eng. Ute Pfeifer, Eng. Michael Schenker, and Bernhard Werheit.

Solutions in the construction industry are manifold: the use of renewable and new raw materials, BMI and 3D printing, energy efficiency and sustainable water management, as well as the further development of existing job profiles in the construction industry, can meet the requirements of digitalisation and climate change. We are excited to enable an intercultural exchange about these issues and hope for continued cooperation in this sector.

This workshop series was funded by the Minister for Federal, European, and International Affairs, as well as for Media of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. Thank you and all coaches as well as the participants for these successful days in Amman.