Salon Diplomatique Egypt | REPORT | Full Video!

On March 31st, 2021, the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the EMA decided to deepen the international economical cooperation during their first virtual SALON DIPLOMATIQUE EGYPT. Ambassador H.E. Khaled Galal Abdelhamid gave the participants wide insights into the opportunities that Egypt is offering in international growing sectors during an insightful presentation, in the first part of the event, mentioning the Egyptians economic, demographical, cultural, and political background.

Not only the increasing medical, agricultural and educational sectors were discussed in detail, but also the rising infrastructure is gaining greater importance, as well on roads and seas, as well as legal infrastructure, facilitating customs regulations and minimizing entry barriers. Furthermore, his Excellency discussed the current challenges Egypt has to overcome in this pandemic, as well as the opportunities that it brings, for instance in the domain of digitalization in public departments. Moreover, he gave an account of the potential of energies, especially the renewable ones that became a “major sector” in Egypt in the last years, among others within the green deal. According to the Ambassador, this country, mentioned as the significant door to the Arabic and African world, shows the political will to open up in economic and cooperative manners – for instance with the implementation of a free zone around the Suez Canal.

Followed by some Icebreaker questions, revealing some of the ambassadors’ personal insights, the 58 participants had the chance of asking questions, which was pleasantly used and giving the opportunity of discussing various topics, for instance, the current water shortage challenges, against which the Egyptian government already took measures for improvements, for example with the three–water recycling system or the development of desalination plants. Moreover, both, the rising woman rights and its difficulty to change due to cultural and religious traditions and the involvement in science & research in different sectors were widely discussed. Especially the agriculture, pharmaceutical, and IT sector were underlined as the most suitable and promising sectors in the context of modernization. The questions asked were deeply answered by the Ambassador.

Moderated by EMA Secretary-General Clara Gruitrooy, this intensive Salon gave wide insights into the potentials Egypt is offering German companies and the chances of amplifying sustainable connections between our two nations.

This multifaceted event gave a great base for future virtual Salon Diplomatique. The EMA would like to express its gratitude to the Ambassador for addressing Egypt’s opportunities and challenges and for showing the opportunities to develop sustainable cooperations.